Older Adults’ Perceptions and Use of Technology: A Novel Approach

This study investigated older adults’ perceptions of technology in their everyday lives by using the stages of change model, a behavioral change model, as a guiding framework. Participants answered daily workbook questions about their experiences with technology and also recorded daily interactions and difficulties with technology for a 28-day period. Overall, participants were positive about technology but expressed concerns such as identity theft and loss of human contact. Participants reported using a wide range of technology in their everyday lives and cited efficiency, making life easier, and communication as reasons why they use technology. A recurring theme throughout the study was that their children played a major role in influencing aspects of technology adoption and use. Participants also reported not using technology if the need or value was not apparent. Older adults do adopt and use technologies, but only if the value and personal relevance is clear.

Fausset, C. B., Harley, L., Farmer, S., Fain, B. (2013).  Older adults’ perceptions and use of technology: A novel approach.  Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction.

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