Participant Overview

HomeLab is conducting research to understand long-term trends in health and well-being among adults age 50 and above. HomeLab is also looking at how older adults adopt and use health and wellness products. By taking part in HomeLab, you can help researchers answer important questions about aging. You may also have the chance to try out cutting-edge products and provide feedback that influences product design to better meet your needs. All research will take place in your home. You will be compensated for your time and effort.

Product Evaluations

A Fitbit activity monitor in the hand of an older adult

HomeLab participants may be asked to test and use products in their homes over a period of a few weeks to a few months. Designers need feedback to create products that are usable and that meet the needs of older adults. By participating in HomeLab, you will have the chance to influence the design of future products.


A close-up of a hand holding a pen and filling out a survey

From time to time, HomeLab participants are asked to complete surveys about various research topics. The topics range from your experiences with different types of product packaging to general questions about your life. New surveys take place up to once a month, but you do not have to complete every survey you receive.

To learn more about the about the types of projects you may be asked to take part in, please visit the HomeLab Projects page.

HomeLab recruiting reached over 550 participants at the end of 2013! If you are age 50 or above and would like to learn more about being a HomeLab participant, please visit the Get Started page.